Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Healthcare Consultant

Surgery… sick patients…hospital' s… does this excite you?

Are you looking for a more exciting outlet to use your newly acquired medical skills?

Are you a great communicator?

Are you creative?

Have you thought of combining your medical skills with your communications and creative skills?

How about a new career path in healthcare public relations?

IndoPacific Edelman, Indonesian's largest public relations firm, and the only firm to have a dedicated specialist healthcare business practice, is looking for a bright medical or healthcare professional to join their expanding healthcare team.
We work for clients in the pharmaceutical, nutritional, medical device and consumer healthcare sectors, as well as programs in community health.
We are looking for a bright, eager, creative healthcare professional to help us develop communications strategies and implement programs reaching wide ranging stakeholder groups, from launching new breakthrough ethical drugs, to wide spread community education on the likes of measles, bird flu and dengue.

You must have:
- Posses bachelor degree in medical science, or public health or pharmacy
- Great communications skills
- Be a strategic thinker
- Be fluent in written and spoken English
- Be familiar with code of ethics etc etc
- High degree of interpersonal skills
- Be a team player
Please send your resume to:

hr@indopacedelman. com or to agnes.diah@indopace

Edelman is one of largest global independent public relations consultancy[j1] . We provide a full spectrum of advanced communications services and helps build the world's leading companies and brands by understanding the "Relationship Imperative".
IndoPacific Edelman commenced operations in 1993, and is Indonesia's largest public relations firm, with over 114 fulltime employees. IndoPacific Edelman specializes in 6 business practice areas: Financial & Investor Relations; Healthcare; Corporate; Public Affairs/Government Relations; Technology; and Brand PR.

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